Conference theme: Fuels & Lubricants in a Low-Carbon Economy

In June 2015, the G-7 nations agreed to reduce greenhouse gases by phasing out the use of fossil fuels by the end of the century. “To reach zero net emissions before the end of this century, the global economy needs to be overhauled,” declared World Bank Group Vice President and Special Envoy for Climate Change Rachel Kyte.

Clearly, the Fuels & Lubricants industry has a vital role to play. For the past 21 years, F+L Week has provided a strategic platform for the discussion of key industry issues in Asia-Pacific. With the conference theme of “Fuels and Lubricants in a low-carbon economy,” next year will be no different. We invite all industry stakeholders, including original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), user-industries, government regulators, the oil and additive industries, academia and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to participate in this important discussion.

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Lima, 8 October 2015 – A new UNEP report released at the International Monetary Fund (IMF)/World Bank Annual Meetings shows how to harness the assets of the world’s financial system for sustainability.
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