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Vickers Oils opens new state-of-the-art R&D lab in Leeds, UK

Vickers Oils opens new state-of-the-art R&D lab in Leeds, UK
Photo courtesy of Vickers

Vickers Oils has opened its 1,700 square metre state-of-the-art R&D laboratory and its refurbished existing laboratories, which will support its strategic expansion plans. The opening marks the completion of a four-year project to modernise and expand the company’s facilities.

The new laboratories and test equipment will facilitate Vickers Oils’ continued development of high performance and environmentally acceptable lubricants for the marine, textile and industrial markets worldwide. About 30% of Vickers Oils’ employees are now employed in the laboratory and in technical service roles.

The laboratory expansion is part of a substantial investment by Vickers Oils to update its entire manufacturing site and to implement more sustainable practices where possible. Work includes installation of new energy efficient boilers and steam distribution system, installation of 500 square metres of solar panels to supply 20% of the site’s electricity demand, extensive insulation of old buildings to improve their thermal efficiency, as well as investments in additional filling machines and lube blending technology.

We believe that Vickers Oils holds a worldwide reputation for both our innovative product technology, especially in high performance environmentally acceptable lubricants and also for the reliable service we offer our thousands of customers around the world. The investment in our R&D and manufacturing capability will enable us to stay ahead of growing and changing customer demand, whilst also reducing our environmental impact,” said Peter Vickers, managing director and a fifth generation of the Vickers family to work at Vickers Oils.

Vickers Oils is a family-owned lubricant manufacturer, which has been based in Leeds, UK, since its establishment in 1828.