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TUV Rheinland Awarded as Best Rail IV&V Service Provider in Taiwan Consecutively for 2 Years

TAIPEI, Feb. 26, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — The Department of Rapid Transit Systems (DORTS) of New Taipei City (NTC) recently announced the results of its performance evaluation of IV&V (Independent Verification and Validation) technical service providers in 2019. Facing fierce competition, TUV Rheinland was again (winner last year) awarded first prize for excellent achievement in providing IV&V technical service for the Danhai Light Rail Project.

TUV Rheinland Awarded as Best Rail IV&V Service Provider in Taiwan Consecutively for 2 Years

This award recognizes TUV Rheinland’s total commitment to the clients. It is based on FOUR key categories:

  1. Quality in Service Content
  2. Schedule Management
  3. Professional Competency
  4. Project Engagement

TUV Rheinland delivered exceptional results in all four categories, drawing accolades from the clients.

Since the Special Act for Forward-looking Infrastructure was implemented, it has helped accelerate development and growth in the railway sector. Thus, to ensure the operational safety of railway projects, the IV&V methodology and process were introduced after the Rules of MRT Final Inspection & Testing for Revenue Service was published and came into effect on July 23, 2010.

Acknowledged worldwide as an accredited rail certification body, it is no surprise that TUV Rheinland has been awarded numerous rail IV&V projects in the Taiwan rail industry. Recently, we have embarked on one of the most iconic projects in the country, namely: IV&V project services for 520 commuter and 600 intercity cars for the Taiwan Railways Administration (TRA). TUV Rheinland is offering comprehensive independent verification and validation technical services, assuring quality, functionality, reliability, and safety for project delivery from the design stage through the manufacturing & installation stages and lastly to revenue service. Our responsibilities include (not limited to) inspecting the critical design and safety documentation, as well as test witnessing onsite safety-related testing activities. The full project required TUV Rheinland’s team of assessors to travel to Korea, Singapore, China, Japan, and Germany for the test witnessing. At the end of the project, our IV&V involvement must be able to exceed the expectations of the clients and, ultimately, the passengers.

In addition to its award-winning performance on the Danhai and Ankeng light rail projects, TUV Rheinland is also involved in other light rail systems, such as the Kaohsiung light rail project. To be the leader in the IV&V service industry, one has to be properly qualified and accredited. In this regard, TUV Rheinland is the first to have been accredited by the Taiwan Accreditation Foundation (TAF) as a Certification Body in the rail section according to ISO/IEC 17020 standards (Conformity assessment – Requirements for the operation of various types of bodies performing inspection).

TUV Rheinland’s Rail experts have been involved in the country’s product localization drive, and are able to certify products (from the design through manufacturing stages) that are made domestically, including the development of the Programming Logical Control (PLC) application for the High Speed Rail signaling system, and ISA certification of the SIL 2 Platform Screen Door (PSD) system, which were proudly designed and developed in Taiwan.

“Providing the best service to our clients is the most important mission of TUV Rheinland,” says Rover Jan, General Manager of Rail Department. This is also the reason why TUV Rheinland wants to organically grow a competent team of local rail experts (covering rolling stock, signaling, communications, power supply, trackworks, infrastructure, operation & maintenance (O&M), and system assurance).

In Taiwan, the public has very high expectations for its transportation system projects to be put into revenue service within the shortest time possible. Hence, our local rail experts are on hand to provide safety assurance to rail owners and clients within short notice.

As a key stakeholder in the local rail safety environment, it is imperative that TUV Rheinland not only offer professional technical consultancy and assessment services, but also promote training, education, and valuable experience-sharing sessions to local rail professionals as a way of contributing to Taiwan’s rail industry.

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