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Tannas adds new HTHS model for tapered bearing simulator (TBS) line

Tapered Bearing Simulator

Tannas Co., based in Midland, Michigan, U.S.A., announced a new addition to its instrument line, the TBS 3000 HTHS Viscometer. This newest Tapered Bearing Simulator (TBS) model is used for routine high temperature, high shear (HTHS) quality control and quality assurance testing purposes for meeting ASTM D4683, D6616, SH/T 0618 and CEC L-36 test methods between 80°C and 150°C at typical shear rates between 500,000 and 3 million sec-1.

The TBS 3000 HTHS Viscometer has been completely redesigned to improve overall user experience, by providing multiple enhancements to automation, calibration, electrical and temperature components, and oil injection features. These enhancements simplify operations and cut back the amount of reference lubricating oils that need to be used, while offering the same or even better precision and robustness than previous TBS models, the company says.

Developed in 1979 and under several patents, the TBS Viscometer has become the world’s first high shear viscometer.  With HTHS viscosity measurements being a key test parameter in producing lower viscosity and more fuel-efficient engine oils, the TBS remains the modern benchmark ‘referee’ instrument for HTHS viscometry due to its innovative measurement technique, high precision, robust design and notable operational versatility.

“We are very pleased to be bringing this new TBS model to market addressing multiple customer-driven improvements.” says Gordon Cox, vice president of Marketing, Sales & Customer Support at Tannas Co. “The TBS brings a high level of productivity and ease of use for both research and routine QA lab testing of ‘fresh’ and ‘used’ oil applications at multiple temperatures and shear rate combinations.”