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Nynas inaugurates Singapore hub for faster delivery in Asia

Nynas recently inaugurated its new Singapore logistics hub, which will speed up deliveries of naphthenic specialty oils and increase availability in the Asia-Pacific region. For Asia-Pacific customers in Shanghai, Indonesia, Thailand and other nearby countries, delivery times will be shortened from six weeks to two weeks.

“With this new logistics hub in Singapore, Nynas now has three hubs around the globe, including Antwerp and Houston,” says Simon Day, Vice President for Naphthenics at Nynas. “This will cut lead times significantly for Asia-Pacific customers.”

Nynas has now organised its supply chain in Asia Pacific the same way as it has in Europe and the Americas. This means that a greater variety of oil grades will be available on site at the Singapore hub, which has a storage capacity of 32,000 cubic metres.

“Previously, a blend of two base oils might require a specific delivery from Antwerp and would keep the customer waiting for about two months,” says Simon Day. “Such a wait is now a thing of the past.”

With a wider portfolio of products available, the hub enables Nynas to supply blends to regional clients faster and produce tailor-made products on site. Nynas will also be better able to react quickly to sudden, unforeseen demands in the market.

“The Singapore hub is an important investment to capture the growth opportunities in the region and to continue to offer our global customers a global product slate,” says Pascal Verhoie, Regional Director AMEA, Nynas Pte Ltd. “Similar to our recent acquisition of the Harburg base oil refinery in Germany, the new Singapore hub is part of our ambition to be the largest naphthenics specialty oil supplier in the world.”
The new hub will receive large volumes of oils from the Nynas hubs in Houston and Antwerp several times per year.

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