Infineum publishes updated ACEA and API brochures

Infineum, one of the world’s leading formulators and manufacturers of fuel and lubricant additives, has published two fully updated brochures on the 2016 ACEA European Oil Sequences and the latest API engine oil classifications.

The brochures provide a detailed breakdown of data which demonstrates the key changes in the light-duty and heavy-duty lubricant sequences in Europe, and the new heavy-duty specifications in North America.

Bruce Royan, Lubricants Business Manager at Infineum, said: “2016 was a year that culminated in significant change for our industry. We’ve published these updated brochures to help OEMs and lubricant marketers understand the implications of these changes and to support the industry to manage the transition required by their introduction.”

The latest Infineum ACEA brochure follows the release of the new ACEA sequences in December 2016 – the first update in four years. The two main themes presented in the new ACEA data have been the introduction of additional measures against the impact of biofuel and upgrading hardware and structure for the sequences to keep up with changes in engine technology and lubricant developments. The sequences become mandatory for new lubricant developments from 1 December 2017.

The updated Infineum API brochure includes data on laboratory and engine tests for the new API CK-4 and FA-4 heavy duty diesel test categories. API CK-4 is for conventional viscosity engine oils providing enhanced performance in current and future engine designs – these engine oils are back serviceable. API FA-4, meanwhile, is a new designation for lower viscosity heavy duty diesel engine oils that deliver greater fuel economy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

About Infineum
The Infineum Group of Companies is a world-class petroleum additives enterprise. With global headquarters in Milton Hill, UK, Infineum is a developer, manufacturer and marketer of lubricant additives used primarily in automotive, heavy-duty diesel and marine engines, and additives for diesel fuels. Its customers are oil companies, other lubricant and fuel marketers and OEMs. The Infineum product line also includes specialty additives for small engines, automotive transmissions, and gas engines, and industrial oils. Infineum has Business & Technology centres in the USA, UK, Singapore and China and has sales representation in over 70 countries.

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