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BASF enters factory-fill engine coolant market in North America

BASF enters factory-fill engine coolant market in North America
Photo courtesy of BASF

German chemical maker BASF will introduce its Glysantin® branded engine coolant products to the North American automotive industry in January 2020. Since 1929, Glysantin premium engine coolants and antifreeze products have been serving the industry worldwide. The products offer threefold engine protection against corrosion, overheating and frost – ensuring that the engine’s cooling system works smoothly all year round.

“North America is the most important automotive coolants market in the world, and our local production and presence will be a differentiator for our customers,” said Brian Lieberman, vice president, Fuel and Lubricant Solutions, BASF. “Capital investments at our production site in Cincinnati are underway, adding to our global footprint, which includes sites in Europe, Asia and South America.”

BASF’s plant in Cincinnati produces esters and synthetic lubricants for the agricultural, transmission fluid, gear and axle lubricant, and aviation lubricant markets. The vast technical expertise and production know-how offered by BASF’s operations team is complemented by the site’s location in North America, which provides easy access to raw materials and key customers.

Since Glysantin products have the most approvals by automotive manufacturers, BASF will primarily focus on supplying factory fills for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). For the service fill segment and aftermarket in North America, BASF will partner with Old World Industries (OWI) – the number one antifreeze and engine coolant supplier in the U.S.A. Old World Industries will offer BASF’s Glysantin products under its various brands, including its PEAK® brand, and leverage its extended distribution network to supply dealerships and retail locations.